10 Beautiful Leopard Gecko Morphs

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Leopard Geckos (Eublepharis macularius) are a favourite among households throughout the world. Not only are they a great beginner reptile that is easy to care for and handle, they also come in a large array of beautiful colours! There are more morphs than the ones we listed here, so if you want to see more comment below and let us know! To start off here’s a photo of a “normal” leopard gecko:


Now, on to the fun part! Keep scrolling to start reading about 10 beautiful Leopard gecko morphs!

Top 10 List

1. Tangerine


As the name suggests, this morph is characterized by the gecko’s bright orange colour. The tangerine morph can range from a soft orange mixed with yellow, to a full on beautiful vibrant orange covering the entire gecko. 

2. Red-Stripe


Leopard Gecko’s with the red-stripe morph exhibit a yellow-orange body with two intense reddish coloured stripes running down the dorsal area.  There can be quite a variation to the morph from intense striping to broken faded out striping. These gecko hatchings emerge with brown coloration, and the stripe will later develop. It takes this morph approximately six months to fully develop its traits and show it’s colours it will have for the rest of it’s life. 

3. Diablo Blanco


The Diablo Blanco morph is a beautiful morph. The geckos have a stark white, patternless body and tail. Because of their bright white colour, their red eyes contrast amazingly on this gecko morph.  This morph was created by combining the genes from the Blizzard and RAPTOR morphs

4.  Dreamsicle


The Dreamsicle morph is a combination morph. This means that it includes the genetics of the Enigma, RAPTOR and Mack Snow morphs. As hatchlings the geckos with with morph emerge almost translucent looking. Once the gecko has matured they show a bright white background, as well as reduced yellow and or orange markings. This is another beautiful morph that is enhanced by their red eyes

5.  Blizzards


Blizzards are another form of patternless leopard gecko. They are one of the morphs that the look of the gecko can be extremely varied. Most babies hatch out with light grey bodies with no spotting. However, blizzards that have a light yellow colouration are also common among hatchlings. These are called Banana Blizzards. The rarest babies to hatch are ones with very dark grey or even solid black colouration. These black colourations are called Midnight Blizzards.

6. Pastel Morph


Unlike previously thought in it’s early stages, the pastel morph is a separate gene unto itself. It can be mixed with any morph to enhance the colour and pigmentation into an even better version of itself. 

7. Black Night


The Black Night morph produces hatchlings that come in various shades of black. Black Night is a line bred/polygenic trait that is the result of a nearly 20 year breeding project by Ferry Zuurmond and Roy Sluiter of the Netherlands. Not all pure Black Nights are solid black, but even the lighter colored Black Nights can create some solid black offspring. 

8. Lavender Stripe 


The Lavender Stripe morph produces offspring that exhibit bright yellow background coloration and lavender running the length of the stripe on either side. Through selective breeding the morph has continued to develop into a very special looking gecko where the adults maintain the unique lavender coloration. Before this selective breeding the young geckos would usually grow out of their lavender colouring. 

9. Tremper Albino


The Tremper Albino morph is a simple recessive morph that lacks any black pigmentation. They are an extremely varied form of albino. Typically, they are bright yellow with pink or rusty-colored markings. Jungle, Striped, Sunglow, and other morphs have also been produced by mixing them with tremper albinos. This morph is one of the three different albino morphs. 

10. Super Mack Snoe


The Super Mack Snow is the super form of the Mack Snow morph. As hatchlings geckos with this morph emerge from the egg with an overall purple tone and solid black eyes. As the gecko gets older and develops it’s adult colouration, the colour turns into a striking contrast of a stark white background colour with black spots creating a beautiful pattern, along with gorgeous black eyes. 

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