Halloween Week – 10 Halloween-y Reptile Photos!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the start of Halloween Week! Every day this week I’ll be posting an article for you guys that relates to a Halloween theme in some way. Today we’re starting off with some Halloween inspired photos with lovely little critters in them! Keep scrolling to see our list – and don’t forget to share with your friends so they don’t miss out!

Top 10 List

1. Halloween Ball Python


The first photo on our list includes this adorable ball python cuddling up next to a pumpkin! If you want to see the rest of the photos in their photoset you can click here

2. A Pumpkin Tortoise

Kirby the tortoise dressed up as a pumpkin, sitting on top of a pumpkin candy bowl, and don’t they look adorable? If you want to see more photos of Kirby as a pumpkin you can check the post out here.

3. Pumpkin Enjoying Anaconda

This Anaconda at the zoo is enjoying exploring a carved pumpkin, and getting into the Halloween spirit! If you want to see other zoo animals enjoying pumpkins you can check out the post here.

4. Halloween Party For A Galapagos Turtle 

The San Diego Zoo held a Halloween party for their senior tortoises, which included a pumpkin breakfast. This is just one photo from a very adorable video, so click here to watch the entire video!

5. Pacman Frog Chilling On A Pumpkin

This cute little frog is doing what it does best, and just chilling out. The fact that it’s on top of a pumpkin makes it even better!

6. A Very Festive Crested Gecko

This gorgeous dalmation crested gecko is chilling on top of a spooky grim reaper decoration, and still manages to look adorable!

7. Surinam Horned Frog Perched On A Pumpkin

This sweet little frog at the Bronx Zoo is perched on top of a pumpkin in one of their exhibits. The animals love when they get pumpkins, as it ads enrichment and entertainment to their day. 

8. Leopard Gecko Checking Out Some Carved Pumpkins


This leopard gecko at the Smithsonian Zoo is checking out and exploring around some carved pumpkins, while also managing to pose for the camera. 

9. A Halloween-y Kenyan Sand Boa 

Not only does this beautiful kenyan sand boa look very Halloween inspired with it’s black and orange scales, but it’s also slithering around and exploring a beautiful white pumpkin, making this photo that much more cool!

10. Baby Crested Gecko On A Pumpkin

This is my adorably small baby crested gecko resting on a pumpkin, surrounded by halloween decorations. You can click here to check out my other reptile photos!

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