10 Beautiful Reticulated Python Morphs

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Reticulated Pythons are an extremely large python that can be found in Asia. It is also a popular pet snake among keepers, who have the space and money to house such a large snake. While the reticulated python has a gorgeous natural colouring, there are also an abundance of beautiful morphs that have been created over the years, with new ones constantly being worked on and improved. Today we’re just talking about 10 of those reticulated python morphs, but if you want a part 2 let us know in a comment, and tell us which morph you think should make the list! Below is a photo of a “normal” coloured reticulated python, and after that the list of reticulated python morphs begins!

A Reticulated Python from the zoo.
“Normal” Reticulated Python – Source

Top 10 List

1. Pied Morph

Pied Reticulated Python
Pied Reticulated Python – Source

The pied morph is common across many types of reptiles, and is always a gorgeous classic. The reticulated python is no exception, and the contrast between the white patches of scales and the darker browns and oranges really highlight the beauty of the snake. The cool thing about the pied morph is that it can be mixed with other morphs, creating some awesome combos of colours.

2. Albino Super Phantom Morph

Albino Super Phantom Reticulated Python
Albino Super Phantom Reticulated Python – Source

The Albino Super Phantom morph is a morph that gives the snake an overall pink appearance. Not only do the scales give off a whitish-pink colour, but the eyes are typical of any albino animal, and are a beautiful red-pink that complement the rest of the snakes scales. It’s even cooler when you think about how big reticulated pythons can get, you could end up with a 15 foot pink snake!

3. Phantom Goldenchild Morph

Phantom Goldenchild morph, reticulated python.
Phantom Goldenchild Reticulated Python – Source

The Phantom Goldenchild morph for the Reticulated Python produces a gorgeous snake with minimal patterns, and a rich golden brown colour, which also carries on to the eyes of the snake.

4. Goldenchild Ultra Morph

Goldenchile ultra reticulated python morph.
Goldenchild Ultra Morph – Source

For the next number on the list we have another morph with the Goldenchild trait, except this time its a Goldenchild Ultra. While this morph still has the more solid colouring of the last morph, it has a very different colour. Hues of pinks, peaches, and whites give this beautiful morph a very different and unique look. To add a beautiful contrast to the morph, the eyes are a darker colour, and really pop against the lighter scales.

5. Lavender Citron Tiger Morph

Lavender citron tiger reticulated python morph.
Lavender Citron Tiger Reticulated Python – Source

Our next morph is the stunning and brightly coloured Lavender Citron Tiger morph. With a contrasting mix of lavender-white and intense oranges, this snake really pops. The gorgeous colour of the eyes really accents the colour of the scales as well.

6. Blonde Super Tiger Morph

Blonde Super Tiger Reticulated Python Morph.
Blonde Super Tiger Reticulated Python – Source

The Blonde Super Tiger Morph create beautiful pale yellow reticulated pythons that will darken and get more intense with age. As Implied by the word tiger in the morph, instead of the usual blotching pattern on the snake there are also beautiful stripes running down the back of the snake. In this morph the lines are a beautifully contrasting white colour.

7. Super Phantom Morph

Super Phantom Reticulated Python Morph
Super Phantom Reticulated Python – Source

Like the first morph in our list, this is another super phantom morph. However this time it’s just without the albino. This produces a snake with a beautifully bright white colouring, no visible patterns, and beautiful icy blue eyes. A very cool looking snake indeed.

8. Sunfire Tiger Morph

Sunfire Tiger Reticulated Python Morph
Sunfire Tiger Reticulated Python – Source

The Sunfire Tiger morph is another morph that includes the beautiful stripes of the tiger genetics. In addition to those striped, the morph also has various shades of pale and bright oranges on the rest of the scales, proving a beautiful contrast to the darker stripes.

9. Motley Reticulated Python

Motley Reticulated Python Morph
Motley Reticulated Python – Source

The Motley morph for the reticulated python produces a gorgeously dark coloured snake. Rich dark browns, tans, and blacks mix together to create a beautifully dark snake.

10. Super Tiger Morph

Super Tiger Reticulated Python Morph
Super Tiger Reticulated Python – Source

The last (but not least!) morph on our list is the super tiger. Beautiful dark stripes run down the back of the snake, breaking up the yellows and pale oranges of the rest of the scales. The result is a uniquely stunning snake!

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