10 Stunning Hognose Snake Morphs

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Hognose Snakes are popular in the exotic pet trade due to their adorably upturned noses, and dramatic nature of playing dead. Add to that the fact that with a proper setup they are relatively easy to care for, you have the perfect recipe for a quirky pet snake. The most common of the hognoses kept as pets is the Western Hognose (Heterodon nasicus). Like with a lot of popular pet reptiles, hognose snakes have been bred to create beautiful colours for these snakes, called morphs. Below is a photo of a “normal” hognose, with no morph. And after that, the list of 10 hognose snake morphs begins!

A Normal Coloured Western Hognose Snake
A Normal Western Hognose Snake

10 Morphs List

1. Lavender Hognose

Lavender Morph - Western Hognose
Lavender Morph – Western Hognose

We’re starting this list off with a colour not often seen in reptiles – lavender! These beautiful lavender snakes have shades of light lavender as the base of the morphs, with darker lavender purple blotches from head to tail.

2. Anerythristic Hognose

Anerythristic Morph - Western Hognose
Anerythristic Morph – Western Hognose

This beautiful morph is made up of various shades of beautiful grays and blacks. The base colour is a mix of beautiful silvery greys and whites, covered with darker grey blotches, often outlined in black or deep charcoal grey.

3. Super Conda Hognose

Super Anaconda Morph - Western Hognose
Super Conda Morph – Western Hognose

The next hognose snake morph on the list is the super conda morph. The super conda morph is an extreme version of the anaconda morph, leaving the snake without the common blotches that can usually be found. This leaves the snake with a beautiful patternless body, usually brown in colour, or as pictured above a creamy yellow-white. They do however, retain the markings on their head.

4. Leucistic Hognose

Leucistic Morph – Western Hognose

A classic morph for any reptile, the leucistic may be simple but it sure is gorgeous. Characterized by a gorgeous bright solid white, this morph is sure to look beautiful in any setting you put it in.

5. Lemon-ghost Anaconda Hognose

Lemon-ghost Anaconda Morph - Western Hognose
Lemon-ghost Anaconda Morph – Western Hognose

The next hognose snake morph is the gorgeous lemon-ghost anaconda morph. This morph is made up of gorgeous yellows, mustards, and browns. The anaconda in the morph gives the blotches a hazy, bleeding look to them, instead of the clean looking blotches normally seen on the snake.

6. Extreme Red Albino Hognose

Extreme Red Albino Morph - Western Hognose
Extreme Red Albino Morph – Western Hognose

The extreme red albino morph definitely is that – extremely red! Beautiful bright whites mix with pale red for the base, and is accentuated by bright red blotches covering the body. To go with the extreme red theme, the eyes are also a gorgeous red colour.

7. Yellow Albino Hognose 

Albino Western Hognose
Albino – Western Hognose

Another classic among reptiles – the albino. These beautiful yellow albino hognoses have a mix of creamy pastel yellows, and intense mustard blotches running down their bodies that make up the yellow of the yellow albino. A beautiful yellow snake that everyone would love.

8. Snow Hognose

Snow Morph - Western Hognose
Snow Morph – Western Hognose

Like the leucistic morph the snow morph is also white, however the blotches commonly found on hognose snakes can still be seen. Various shades of whites with undertones of pinks and yellows come together to make a beautiful snake, which contrasts beautifully with the bright red of the eyes.

9. Albino Superconda

Albino Superconda Morph - Western Hognose
Albino Superconda Morph – Western Hognose

Just like the other Superconda morph on the list, the albino superconda morph is, obviously, the albino version of that. This morph is characterized by the lack of blotches down the body, while keeping the head markings. It has the usual colourings of albinos, pastel yellows and creamy whites, with pinky orange markings. And of course, the beautiful pink red eyes.

10. Coral Hognose

Coral Morph - Western Hognose
Coral Morph – Western Hognose

We’re ending off this list of hognose snake morphs the same way that we started – a colour not commonly found in reptiles! This time it’s a beautiful coral pink colour, which is a mix of the lavender and albino morphs. This morph is made of a light coral base, with darker blotches down the body, and beautiful pinky red eyes to tie it all together. A very beautiful end to this list.

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