Baby Reptiles – 15 Adorable Photos To Brighten Your Day!

A baby turtle trying to eat a tomato.

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Babies of any animal are cute, and reptiles are no exception! So we’ve gathered 15 photos of various snakes, lizards, turtles and tortoises to show you some adorable baby reptiles, in hopes that it will brighten your day! Keep scrolling to get started with the cuteness overload!

Top 10 List

1. Baby Leopard Gecko

This adorable baby leopard gecko was tired and curled up for a quick nap.

2. Baby Crested Gecko

A baby crested gecko.

Crested geckos are already adorably derpy geckos, and the babies are no exception. Just as cute, just as derpy, but even smaller!

3. Baby Western Hognose

A baby reptile - western hognose snake

Hognose snakes are adorable snakes that make great pet snakes, and have little pig noses. This tiny little noodle is as adorable as ever!

4. Baby Bush Viper

Baby Bush Vipers

Learn more about them: HERE

These baby vipers are so tiny they’re able to fit on the end of a pencil. Don’t be fooled those, these tiny babies are still venomous snakes, and should be treated with the utmost caution.

5. Baby Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

Hatchling Satanic Leaf Tail Gecko

Learn more about them: HERE

The next baby reptile on our list is the adorable satanic leaf tailed gecko. Not only do they have super cool names, their appearance is pretty cool and adorable too – and their tails really do look like a leaf!

6. Baby Sea Turtle

Sea turtle hatchling emerging from it's egg

This baby reptile is a sea turtle, who is taking its first look at the world around it. Pretty soon this little turtle will make its way to the ocean, and start the rest of its life!

7. Baby Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman

Baby cuviers dwarf caiman with its mouth open.

This adorable little caiman will grow up to be fairly big, and strong! But in this photo, this baby is cute enough to cuddle… ALMOST. We don’t recommend it, even if it may be tempting.

8. Baby Veiled Chameleon

This baby veiled chameleon is small enough to hang out on the tip of this persons finger, that is one small baby reptile! We bet she’ll be just as beautiful when she grows up.

9. Baby Bearded Dragon

This adorable little baby dragon is hanging out on top of one of its parents, what a size difference!

10. Baby Uromastyx

a baby uromastyx looking at the camera in front of vegetables.

The next of the baby reptiles is this little uromastyx, who is giving the camera the side eye for interrupting meal time! 10/10 still extremely adorable, and incredibly sassy.

11. Baby Tortoise

a baby tortoise trying to eat a tomato.

This little baby tortoises name is Cilantro, and Cilantro is trying his best to eat that cherry tomato. A big task for such a little guy. Soon enough Cilantro will grow bigger and be able to eat that tomato with no problem!

12. Baby Iguana

This smiling baby iguana is currently small enough to be held in your hand! It will soon grow up into a very big lizard, who will need a lot of space and care!

13. Baby Turtle


This tiny baby turtle is just trying to navigate his way around the big world, and looking absolutely adorable while doing so.

14. Baby Leachianus Gecko

This baby leachianus gecko is small enough to cling to this persons finger! But this little gecko will grow up to be one of the largest geckos in the world. That’s right, leachie geckos are the largest of the geckos, and this tiny baby is one of them.

15. Baby Day Gecko

Last but definitely not least on our list of baby reptiles, this baby day gecko is absolutely adorable and will make someone a lovely pet. Just look at those eyes!

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