10 More Beautiful Ball Python Morphs

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In honour of me getting my very first ball python yesterday, today we’ve got 10 more beautiful ball python morphs. You can check out part 1 here to see the first 10 morphs we featured.

The Ball Python is one of the most popular snakes for people to keep as pets. With some research and preparation, almost anyone from beginners to experts can keep one successfully as a pet. And since these beautiful snakes are so popular, people have been inspired to create many beautiful morphs (colours) of these snakes. So let’s get on to the list!

Top 10 List – Ball Python Morphs

1. Banana Lemon Blast

The first morph on our list is the banana lemon blast. It is made up of three other morphs which are: banana, pastel, and pinstripe. Together they make a beautiful morph that includes a beautiful lemon yellow stripe running down the back and throughout the head. The rest of the snake is made up of various yellows and lavenders, which are gorgeous colours when put together.

2. Pastel Champagne

The next morph on our list is the beautiful pastel champagne ball python morph. The beautiful tan of the champagne morph is made even lighter by the pastel mixed in, and it retains the irregular and unique markings of the champagne morph. It’s truly a unique morph, and can be mixed with many other morphs to create absolutely beautiful snakes.

3. Lavender Albino

The beautiful lavender albino ball python morph is a lot like the albino morph, however where the white would be on a normal albino is replaced with a beautiful light lavender hue. This makes a beautiful contrast when it mixes with the gorgeous bright yellows that make up the markings on the snake. This morph also has the classic pinky red eyes that are a classic of anything albino.

4. Banana Black Pastel Genetic Stripe

This beautiful morph is made up of multiple other morphs to create an amazing looking snake. Genetic stripe gives the morph the stripe down the back with a lack of markings on the side. The black pastel and the banana colours mix together to create an almost fluorescent pastel orange. Overall an absolutely gorgeous morph that anyone would be lucky to have.

5. Super Pastel Clown

The next morph is the super pastel clown morph. The clown part of the morphs gives the snakes its beautiful colours and markings which include thinner markers on the side, and a beautiful dorsal stripe down the back. When you add the super pastel to the mix, the colours become lighter, but even more intense than normal, which is a beautiful look.

6. Soul Sucker

Not only does this snake have an awesome name, but it also just looks plain awesome. Here’s a description from NERD, the company that first produced this morph back in 2006:

Here’s another addition to our Woma: Lesser project. This little gem hatched over the summer in 2006, displaying colors we haven’t quite seen in a ball python before. The dorsal pigment is pinkish-red, fading to an extremely pale pink on the sides. The pattern is an opalescent white and all of this snake’s markings are very soft & rounded on the edges, bordered in darker pink-lavender scales. The eyes are a dark gunmetal gray with silver highlighting. The Soul Sucker is gaining increased yellow pigmentation as he grows

7. Super Mojave

The super Mojave ball python morph is a bel (blue eyed leucistic) that has a beautiful purple head that blends down the neck. The rest of the snake is a beautiful white colour. The purple may fade slightly as the snake gets older, but it will still look just as beautiful as an adult.

8. Black Pastel Coral Glow

Black Pastel Coral Glow Ball Python

The coral glow morph is beautiful on it’s own, but when you mix it with the black pastel morph it creates something stunning. You have the beautiful spots, yellows, oranges, and lavenders of the coral glow morph, but the pastel black makes it all a bit darker and adds that special something to the morph.

9. Ghi Mojave Super Pastel

Ghi Mojave Super Pastel

There is a lot going on with this morph, but it still manages to be a cohesive beautiful morph nonetheless. The ghi in the morph gives the beautiful markings and deep base colour of the morph, and the Mojave adds a beautiful purple tone as well. Add in the super pastel and everything becomes a bit lighter, and creates the beautiful morph pictured above. A true dream snake for many people.

10. Hypo Pewter

Hypo Pewter

And last but not least on our list of ball python morphs we have the beautiful hypo pewter. For anyone a fan of darker or more muted colours, this morph is a great choice. Different shades of greys and cream come together to create this stunning morph.

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