Green Tree Pythons – 8 Other Colours They Come In

A light blue green tree python

Green tree pythons are already an awesome looking snake when they are their typical bright green colour. However, these awesome snakes can be found in various other gorgeous colours as well, and we’re going to be taking a look at some of those awesome colours in this article. Right below is what a “normal” green tree python looks like, and then we get straight into the list!

A normal, green, green tree python.
A Normal Green Tree Python

Top 10 List

1. Super Blue

Light blue green tree python

This green tree python is a gorgeous light blue colour, with a white belly, white spots, and very faint patches of green along its body. This snake also has stunning silvery-blue eyes.

2. Red


This gorgeous green tree python is a rust red colour, with larger yellow-white spots down the back, and smaller spots down the sides. Their rusty red eyes also match the colour of the body.

3. High Yellow


High yellow green tree pythons are called high yellow because instead of speckled yellow and green, they are fully yellow. They also have pale yellow eyes, which look gorgeous when matched with the body, and this one has gorgeous pale yellow spots around the body as well.

4. Melanistic

Melanistic Green tree python

This gorgeous green tree python is mostly black (which is where the melanism comes in), with various green/yellow spots and patches. This particular snake has gorgeous amber eyes.

5. White

white green tree python

This gorgeous snake has an almost all white body, with patches of very light blue and yellow. It’s eyes are a beautiful light colour, and the end of the head near the nose is a little more saturated with blues and greens.

6. High Blue


This gorgeous high blue green tree python is a mix of gorgeous blues, greens, and yellows. Not a full blue like the first snake pictured, but gorgeous nonetheless.

7. Albino

Albino green tree python

This gorgeous green tree python is names Midas, and is an albino. His gorgeous yellow colouration is due to being an albino, and the gorgeous white spots look stunning next to the yellow.

8. Mixed Heritage


Snakes that are a mix of different green tree pythons, such as ones from Biak island, Papua new guinea, and Aru islands for example can also create some beautiful looking snakes. This one is a gorgeous dark olive, with some bright yellow spots on the body and around the face.

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