About Us

About us

Thanks for visiting our “About Us” page, so here’s some facts about us!

Here at Reptile World Facts we post lists and articles about all things reptile related. We posts articles such as “Top ____ Facts” and “Top 10 types of ____”. We have a passion for all things reptile related, and love sharing our knowledge and talking to people about reptiles. So, please feel free to leave a comment on our posts! We’d love to hear what you have to say.

Our website is still fairly new, so bear with us as we get everything figured out! We want this website to be as enjoyable for you guys as possible, so we might still be tweaking things here and there!

Social Media

Don’t forget to check out our other social media for more reptile related posts. You can share our posts onto your own pages to share cool info with your friends – all while helping us! You can find our social media at the top right of every page. Just click the button for the site you want to go to!

Posting Schedule 

We try to post new articles as often as possible, usually twice a week. We post on our instagram every day EXCEPT Thursday. Tumblr posts are queued daily with suggestions from people deciding that days posts. Pinterest Boards, Twitter, and Facebook are added to as close to daily as possible!

Quick Note

Just as a side note, while this site is called Reptile World Facts, we may occasionally post articles about other “exotic” type animals that aren’t reptiles, such as amphibians and crustaceans. Frogs and crabs are just too awesome and cool not to include!

Have a wonderful day!