10 Terrific Tokay Gecko Morphs

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After our article on “Top 10 Tokay Gecko Facts”, which you can read here, we thought it would be fun to post an article on 10 terrific tokay gecko morphs! Tokay geckos are popular pets in the exotic pet trade, despite their feisty behavior. Below is a photo of what a “normal” average tokay gecko looks like, with their iconic blue skin and bright orange spots. After that, keep scrolling to see what awesome morphs we picked to showcase today!

A normal tokay gecko
A “Normal” Tokay Gecko

Top 10 List

1. Powder Blue Tokay Gecko

Powder Blue tokay gecko morph
Powder Blue Tokay Gecko Morph

The beautiful powder blue tokay gecko morph is characterized by (of course) a powder blue colouring for the tokay geckos skin, without any pattern or spots on the gecko.

2. Melanistic Tokay Gecko

Melanistic Tokay Gecko
Melanistic Tokay Gecko Morph

The next on our list of tokay gecko morphs is the melanistic morph. Anyone who is a fan of black animals will love this morph, as melanistic is extra dark pigment – basically the opposite of albino.

3. Blue Headed Olive Tokay Gecko

Blue headed olive tokay gecko morph
Blue Headed Olive Tokay Gecko Morph

This beautiful gecko is a gorgeous olive green colour with no patterns or spots on the body, and an addition of either a darker or ligher blue colour on the head.

4. Yellow Spot Normal Tokay Gecko

Yellow Spot normal tokay gecko morphs
Yellow Spot Normal Tokay Gecko

Some tokay geckos have a darker blue base, like the one pictured above. The addition this morph adds is the gorgeous bright yellow spots on the gecko’s body, instead of the usual orange/red spots.

5. Leucistic Tokay Gecko

Leucistic (all white) tokay gecko morphs
Leucistic Tokay Gecko Morph

Leucistic morphs are morphs where the animal is a bright white colour all over. This is different than albinism (which is a lack of pigment). This morph is absolutely beautiful and will look amazing in any terrarium you build for it.

6. High Red Tokay Gecko

High red tokay gecko morphs
High Red Tokay Gecko Morph

Our next of the tokay gecko morphs is the high red morph. This morph can range from a blue tokay with more than average red spots all over their body, to almost completely red as shown above.

7. Granite Tokay Gecko

Granite tokay gecko morph
Granite Tokay Gecko Morph

The granite morph is a beautiful morph for a tokay gecko. Beautiful greys and blue-greys mix together in what looks quite a lot like actual granite colouration/patterns.

8. High Yellow Tokay Gecko

high yellow tokay gecko morphs
High Yellow Tokay Gecko

Just like the high red morph, the high yellow morph is characterized by a tokay gecko with more than usual spots, this time just in a gorgeous bright yellow colour.

9. Calico Tokay Gecko

calico tokay gecko
Calico Tokay Gecko Morph

The beautiful calico tokay gecko morph is basically an extreme pied morph. Pied is a mix of normal colouration, with spots or patches of white skin breaking up the colouring. In the calico morph, there is usually more white than other colouration, and is an absolutely beautiful morph.

10. Blue and Yellow Tokay Gecko Morph

Blue and yellow granite tokay gecko morph
Blue and Yellow Granite Tokay Gecko Morph

And last but not least on our list of tokay geckos morphs is the blue and yellow granite morph. Mixes of yellows, pastel blues, and deeper rich blues come together to make an absolutely stunning gecko that will complete any collection.

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