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Green tree pythons are a beautiful green snake. Did you kow that they come in colours other than green too? Check out our article to see some of the gorgeous other colours that these snakes have been born as.

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Green Tree Pythons – 8 Other Colours They Come In

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With Christmas officially over, it is time to finish off our christmas trio of articles with 10 gorgeously green reptiles. So check out the article to see what green beauties nature has to offer!

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10 Gorgeously Green Reptiles

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Plumed Basilisks have a very unique trait – they are able to walk on water! Want to learn more about the Plumed Basilisk (Ophisaurus Attenuatus)? Click the read more button below to read the list and get learning!

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Top 10 Plumed Basilisk Facts – The lizard that can walk on water?