10 Beautiful Ball Python (Python Regius) Morphs

The Ball Python is one of the most popular snakes for people to keep as pets. With some research and preparation, almost anyone from beginners to experts can keep one successfully as a pet. And since these beautiful snakes are so popular, people have been inspired to create many beautiful morphs (colours) of these snakes. There’s a large variety, everything from purples to yellows, and gorgeous whites. 

While there are HUNDREDS of ball python morphs out there, today we’re just featuring 10. If you want more lists with more ball python morphs, comment below to let us know!

Before we get into the list, here is a photo of a “normal” ball python for comparison. Just as beautiful, and where all the other morphs started from. 

Normal Ball Python
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And now without further ado, let’s get on to the list of 10 beautiful ball python morphs!


1.  SK True Ghost 

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The snakes in the SK True Ghost Morph have beautiful shades of greys and whites, giving them a very ghostly appearance.

2. Pastel Pied Clown

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The snake in the photo was produced by Roussis Reptiles, and is a beautiful pastel pied clown. Pied Ball Pythons are snakes that have the recessive trait that is partially un-pigmented with variable colour and pattern mutations. Pastel pied clowns have beautiful patches of white, along with gorgeous golden yellows/pastel oranges, with slight darker patches. 

3. Super Black Pastel Het Pied

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This beautiful morph is a stunning black colour, with a lighter grey-ish belly. 

4. Dreamsicle

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This morph definitely is a dream. It has stunning bright orange colours, which is where the “creamsicle” part of the morph comes from. These beautiful oranges contrast nicely with the bright whites that the snake also has. 

5. Mystic Potion Garcia Chocolate

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This beautiful morph has beautiful light and dark shades of purple running throughout it, with a gorgeous purple head. It also has a bright white stripe down the back, which is a beautiful contrast. 

6. Blue Eyed Leucistic

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This beautiful morph is a favourite of many people. Blue Eyed Leucistics are a stunningly bright white colour all over. Just like their name suggests, they do indeed have beautiful bright blue eyes, which go nicely with the bright white of their scales. 

7. Bamboo GHI Mojave

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This beautiful morph has a rather pink shade to it, with a beautiful pattern to accompany it. 

8. Pastel Highway

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This beautiful morph gets it’s name from the fact that it has yellow dashes along it’s back surrounded by a soft grey, which look a lot like a highway. The pastel in the morph gives the snake a soft appearance, which is absolutely stunning. 

9. Albino

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While considered a basic morph, not a designer, the albino ball python is still absolutely stunning, and a classic. They have various degrees of bright whites and stunning yellows. And since they are albino, their eyes are a bright red/pink colour. 

10. Banana Pinstripe

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Banana Pinstripe is a gorgeous morph. The banana gives the python an absolute gorgeous yellow colour, while the pinstripe gives the snake the stripes that run down it’s back. 

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