Top 10 Cat Gecko Facts – the gecko with a cat tail?

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Quick Facts

Scientific Name: Aeluroscalabotes Felinus

Common Names: Cat Gecko, Fox Faced Gecko, Malaysian Cat Gecko

Geographic Range: Found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, and Thailand

Life Span: 10+ Years

Conservation Status: It does not hold a particular conservation status, except in Thailand – where collection and export is prohibited.

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Top 10 List

1.  Where The Cat Gecko Gets It’s Name

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Cat geckos are named due to their long tail that they use to curl around themselves while they sleep, just as cats often do! They also have very cat-like movement as they move around and hunt, which can be fascinating to watch. 

2.  Unique Eyes

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While many geckos do not have eyelids, the cat gecko does. Just like leopard geckos they have eyelids, and due to the fact they are nocturnal their eyes are quite large to help them see better in the dark.

3. Semi-Arboreal Geckos 

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Cat geckos prefer the cool, humid rainforest habitats that are found where they live. These geckos are considered semi-arboreal, as they like to spend most of their time in shrubs, and resting on twigs and small branches in the undergrowth of the forests.

4. An Arboreal Gecko Without Toe Pads

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Unlike most geckos that are arboreal, cat geckos do not have the toe pads  that allow arboreal geckos to climb sheer surfaces. They instead rely on small retractable claws, and their prehensile tails. 

5.  Difference in Sizes

In this species of geckos, the females tend to be much larger than their male counterparts. Females can get up to 7 inches long, while males typically only grow to about 4 inches. 

6. Insectivores

The cat geckos diet primarily consists of the wide variety of different small insects that they are able to hunt in their habitat. They are nocturnal, so they do most of their hunting at night. 

7. Primitive Geckos

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Cat geckos are thought to be the most primitive of living gecko species that can be found today. Their physical structure is quite similar to those found in fossilized geckos. 

8. Beautiful Colours

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Cat geckos are normally a reddy brown colour with white spots on their body. Under their chin is bright white, which sometimes extends to the belly. Some specimens may also have brown blotching that runs along the back. There have even been some that have been found to have silver eyes, as well as green and the usual brown. 

9. Kept as Pets

It is not recommended for just anyone to try and keep cat geckos as pets. However, some cat geckos are successfully kept by some experienced keepers in the hobby. In order for them to thrive they have very specific requirements that need to be met, and can easily be stressed if these conditions are not met. They are hard to breed in captivity, but with perfect conditions and an experienced breeder, it is possible.

10. Fat Tails

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Cat geckos store extra fat in their tail, just like leopard geckos do, so a healthy cat gecko will have a nice plump tail!

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