10 More Colourful Corn Snake Morphs

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Since our first corn snake morph article (which you can check out here) is one of our most viewed articles, we figured it was time for a part two! So in this article we have 10 more awesome corn snake morphs to share with you. Keep reading to see which morphs we included in this list!

Top 10 List

1. Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise corn snake

Not only is the name tequila sunrise fun, but the morph itself is very fun! Bright yellow stripes down the neck and head contrasts the whites and greys of the body, and creates a very interesting snake to look at.

2. Pied Sided Granite Striped

pied sided granite corn snake morph

This corn snake morph is much like the one in the last list, but instead of bloodred its a gorgeous striped granite. The mix of the greys on top and the white sides is really cool looking, and very unusual!

3. Sulfur Toffee

Sulfur Toffee cornsnake

The sulfur toffee morph is very sunshine-like in appearance! Gorgeous bright yellow and pastel yellow make up the snakes body, making it look very cheerful and happy!

4. Candy Cane

candy can corn snake morph

This morph definitely matches the name given to it. Unsurprisingly, the candy cane morph is a mix of a stunning bright white and gorgeous red. Mixed together it makes for a snake that is sure to stand out!

5. Hypo Diffused Cinder Patternless Stripe

Hypo Diffused Cinder Patternless Stripe corn snake morph

Paternless morphs are always an awesome morph, and the gorgeous cinder mixed into the morph creates a snake that almost looks like actual stone, little speckles and all.

6. Paradox Snow

Paradox Snow Corn Snake Morph

The next of our corn snake morphs is the amazing paradox snow. Paradox morphs kind of look like you splattered two different snakes together, and the result is an amazing looking snake. Especially in the case of the snake pictured above, as the grey and pink is a cool mix that really shows the effects of the paradox.

7. Peppermint Motley

Corn Snake Peppermint Motley Morph

Another morph that creates a pink corn snake, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Darker and lighter pinks come together to create a delicate and adorable looking snake.

8. Abbott’s Okeetee

Abbots Okeetee corn snake morph

Abbott’s Okeetee corn snakes are absolutely gorgeous, with thick black bands separating the splotches of various oranges, yellows, and reds. It creates a very striking looking snake.

9. Anery Stripe Tessera

anery stripe tessera corn snake morph

This gorgeous morph is a mix of blacks, whites, and greys that complement each other nicely. And the stripes down the snake’s back really add a unique and gorgeous element to the morph.

10. Lava Lavender Corn Snake

Lava lavender corn snake morph

The lavender lava morph is a mix of beautiful pinks and lavenders, creating what looks like a very magical snake. Since purples and pinks are not too common in reptiles, having both colours in one snake is pretty cool.

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